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Aaron Diehl - Single Petal of a Rose (Live at Dizzy's)

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For any questions, please Contact Us. Use the interactive viewer. Display higher resolution music. High Quality and Interactive, transposable in any key, play along. NOTE: The sample above is just the first page preview of this item. Buy this item to display, print, and play the complete music. Did you buy this item? The three main types of fleshy fruits are berries , drupes, and pomes.

Berries are many-seeded simple fruits composed of one carpel or a syncarpous ovary. They are fleshy throughout, but the exocarp ranges in texture: a soft, thin exocarp, as in tomatoes a berry ; a leathery exocarp, as in oranges a hesperidium ; and a somewhat hard exocarp, as in pumpkins a pepo. In drupes , or stone fruits, there is usually only one seed per carpel or locule. Drupes are fleshy fruits and consist of an inner stony or woody endocarp, which adheres to the seed peaches, plums, and cherries. The term druplet is used for each unit of aggregate fruit of this type e.


Pomes are fleshy fruits of the rose family Rosaceae in which an adnate hypanthium becomes fleshy apples and pears. Simple dry fruits are either dehiscent or indehiscent. They are dehiscent if the pericarp splits open at maturity and releases the seeds, or indehiscent if the pericarp remains intact when the fruit is shed from the plant. The three principal types of dehiscent fruits are follicles , legumes , and capsules. Follicles and legumes are each derived from an ovary with a single carpel, and a capsule is derived from several united carpels. As the fruit matures, the pericarp dries and the fruit splits.

Whereas follicles split along a single side of the fruit, such as in the milkweeds, columbines, and magnolias, legumes split along both sides, as in the bean family.

Capsules have two or more carpels and split open to release their seeds in various ways. They may open longitudinally to expose the seeds within each locule cavity or longitudinally along each septum between the locules, as in the agave Agave; Agavaceae. Still others form an operculum a lid at the top of the ovary, as in the Brazil nut family Lecythidaceae. Indehiscent fruits are derived from either single carpels or compound ovaries.

Single carpel forms include the achene , the samara, and the caryopsis. Forms derived from a compound ovary include nuts and schizocarps. An achene is a fruit in which the single seed lies free in the cavity, attached only by a single point.

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A single petal and an array modifier. : blender

The samara is a winged achene and is found in the tree of heaven Ailanthus altissima; Simaroubaceae and ash Fraxinus; Oleaceae. In the caryopsis , or grain, the seed adheres to the fruit wall pericarp. The caryopsis is found among the cereal grasses, such as corn. Nuts have a stony pericarp, and usually only a single seed in each carpel matures, as in acorns of oaks Quercus; Fagaceae and hazelnuts Corylus avellana; Betulaceae. Schizocarps are fruits in which each carpel of a compound ovary splits apart to form two or more parts, each with a single seed.

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Schizocarps are found in the carrot family Apiaceae. Winged schizocarps are found in maples. You are using an outdated browser.

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A Single Petal A Single Petal
A Single Petal A Single Petal
A Single Petal A Single Petal
A Single Petal A Single Petal
A Single Petal A Single Petal
A Single Petal A Single Petal
A Single Petal A Single Petal

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