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Most of the existing prices are pretty close, so I am not going to call out any prices in particular.

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The formula for upgraded items is 2x the price and the formula for superior remains the same at 5x the price, making modified superior equipment 10x the price. In addition, the NPC shop will sell its goods at 1. If I missed something that falls into that category, please let me know and I will consider making it have an infinite supply. I would like to mention that the process of populating these prices is a manual one, so if you notice that anything that is naturally obtainable in the game is without a price, please let me know so I can run the script.

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Similar to thunderstorms, there will be random rainbows appearing throughout the next week. Each rainbow lasts for 1 hour and give you a chance of finding a pot of gold. The event starts on March 17th at and ends on March 23rd at Be sure to check out the Leprechaun's Shop accessible from each town to see what items you can get in exchange for your Pots of Gold!

This offer ends when the event ends. Good news … :nomouth: has arrived! What does that mean exactly? The current set of specialized outfits include - - Gathering Planting in Gardens. Well look no further! The :no-mouth: emote has arrived! This should improve some performance - specifically for the travel modal. Please post if you see anything odd with timer calculations. In addition, item effect requirements are now searchable as well. For example, searching combat will yield snake jerky, toad jerky, etc.. For example, guild posts show up in the guild channel and market posts show up in the trade channel.

By default, when you log in, the forum channel will automatically be enabled. They have a slightly different look, but should behave fairly similarly to how they did before.

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They are also more mobile friendly than the original implementation. It is worth mentioning that some forum posts may look funny. This should mostly apply to tables, so they will need to be updated slightly to look right. Markdown Cheatsheet - Posts are now rendered using markdown.

This means there are now better formatting options available to you. In addition, colors are done the same way as the old forums - e.

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The only thing disabled by the renderer is inline images. If the bug is ironically that you cannot create a post, just send a message to Grumpy. Finally, there will be a few new updates coming to forums soon, including but not limited to - - Chat notifications along with settings to control them. What this means is you should not notice any difference between this version and 5. Testing has been pretty thorough, but there is still a chance that some things have been missed. If it is blocking you, use version 5.

Scores are now broken down by high level combat zones and does not differentiate between mobs anymore. The high scores do not yet include the kills from the legacy combat system. You can now click on the guild tag in skill, character and joat high scores to be able to filter by that guild. Should help ensure that if your chat is completely scrolled to the bottom, it remains that way both before and after focusing and unfocusing.

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This has been changed slightly to prevent this from happening. There is now a banner at the top of the screen that shows up when the input is focused, which allows you to click on it to show the UI again. This mostly only applies to people who use the android back button to close out of the keyboard. With that said I have done my best to make sure everything still works, but there may be the occasional thing that I missed. The first improvement includes a small fix to scrolling after unfocusing from the chat input.

The second improvement takes the update from 5. Now when the chat input is focused, the top bar will also vanish. On iOS, this is less noticeable, but on android, it should give you more room to see what you are typing. In addition, the message will differentiate between the server disconnecting usually when you log in elsewhere and when you have a little network blip. Should just mean realtime message count updates, but please make a bug post if you find otherwise.

Limoncello has been converted into Rum. Rum is now used by Combat and Magic. Sherry has been converted into Lavender Liqueur. Lavender Liqueur is now used by Cooking and Alchemy. Raspberry Wine is now a tier 2 booze, and is no longer used for Alchemy. It is also made with Larch Barrels instead of Oak Barrels.

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The levels to make tier 1 booze have been reduced. The magic level required to make scrolls is now Some of the materials for the various boozes have been adjusted to better reflect the appropriate quantities. Experience has also been increased for pouring barrels into bottles. Tier 2 booze has arrived!

Amaranthe - Hunger

These boozes do not have a use yet, but you can begin to make them in the meantime. In addition, making a scroll now also requires 1 mana per scroll. The booze locations are now on their own separate map - Abandoned Village. Since this map is separate, it does not have any access to your houses in Cadenberge.

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You can repair an Abandoned Hovel though. Your browser may cache the towns, so you might need to either wait an hour for cache to clear, or just clear your cache manually.

The location of these actions in the manual are now situated underneath the Torrid Isle actions instead of after the Cadenberge Territory actions to give a better flow of level requirements. This has been fixed. Their experience has been increased to reflect this change. You should now observe any experience and copper updates from quest rewards right away.

There should not be any differences, but please report any weird behavior. This was also the last thing required to completely retire one of the old services, so that work has been completed too. Let me know if you see anything that stops working suddenly. You can dismiss the helper text when you realize it's there.

Do you like seeing it? Just turn it back on in the settings. You can now choose Lilac and Honey. While that's probably pretty boring, I tried to improve some of the usability associated with the panel. You can now close out of the current spell more easily. I hope this helps you find the right spell quicker. Good news! Your guild members are sorted above everybody else. They should behave similarly to their original implementations, but let me, Grumpy, know if you notice otherwise. It only shows active players. It does now.

Amaranthine Hour Amaranthine Hour
Amaranthine Hour Amaranthine Hour
Amaranthine Hour Amaranthine Hour
Amaranthine Hour Amaranthine Hour
Amaranthine Hour Amaranthine Hour
Amaranthine Hour Amaranthine Hour
Amaranthine Hour Amaranthine Hour

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