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The modern ampersand has remained largely unchanged from the Carolignian ampersands developed in the ninth century. Italic ampersands were a later ligature of E and T, and are also present in modern fonts.

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These were developed as part of cursive scripts that were developed during the Renaissance. And the ampersand symbol was originally the last character in the alphabet. The ampersand is a part of every roman font. The original ampersand designs reflected their origins as a ligature of E and T. Even as the ampersand has evolved and become more stylized, it still retains the basic shape of E and T combined.

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  4. The standard ampersand most of us are used to seeing is the Carolignian variety, and is featured in many commonly-used fonts. Here are some examples:. Andale Mono — A very traditional, sans-serif example.

    Some websafe and commonly used fonts on the web have excellent ampersand designs. Others, not so much.

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    Here are the ampersands from a variety of web-common fonts:. The Typogrify plugin for WordPress makes it incredibly easy to use a custom ampersand on your WordPress blog. Ampersands have become a bit of an obsession for some. There are blogs that focus on ampersands some within larger typography blogs, others focusing solely on the ampersand.

    There are t-shirts. And there are a surprising number of people out there who have ampersand tattoos. Here are some examples of ampersands in real life:. The ampersand is a great shape for designers to infuse with character in a display typeface. Designers, check out these contests so you can start building your career.

    Get a design. Styles There are several distinct styles of ampersand. Roman Probably the most widely recognized version of the ampersand. Embrace the right style: We mentioned this above, but there are lots of styles of this particular symbol.


    A Roman style is a bit more formal, and might be a better option for a straightforward professional business, while an Italic style is a bit softer and can be used in a more light-hearted context. Find ways to make the character stand out! Browse, browse, browse: Look through all of the ampersands you have in your font library — there are a ton of them, we promise. Show us below! Cover image: opensourceampersands.

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    In the passage above quoted I have restored the ampersands and capitals of Boswell's manuscript. Examples of ampersand. All abbreviations and incomplete words have been expanded; the ampersand has been treated as a ligature. From Cambridge English Corpus. Admittedly, one is the ampersand on the title page. From the Hansard archive.

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