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Journal of Field Ornithology. Retrieved Leduc p.

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Birds class : Aves. Origin of birds Origin of flight Evolution of birds Darwin's finches Seabirds. Archaeopteryx Omnivoropterygiformes Confuciusornithiformes Enantiornithes Chaoyangiiformes Patagopterygiformes Ambiortiformes Songlingornithiformes Gansuiformes Ichthyornithiformes Hesperornithes Lithornithiformes Dinornithiformes Aepyornithiformes Gastornithiformes.

Struthioniformes ostriches Rheiformes rheas Tinamiformes tinamous Apterygiformes kiwis Casuariiformes emus and cassowaries. Anhima Chauna. Anatalavis Anseranas.

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Cracinae Oreophasinae Penelopinae. Acryllium Agelastes Guttera Numida. Meleagridinae turkeys Perdicinae Phasianinae pheasants and relatives Tetraoninae. Columbiformes doves and pigeons Mesitornithiformes mesites Pteroclidiformes sandgrouses.

Phoenicopteriformes flamingos Podicipediformes grebes. Cuculiformes cuckoos Musophagiformes turacos Otidiformes bustards. Caprimulgiformes nightjars and relatives Steatornithiformes Podargiformes Apodiformes swifts and hummingbirds. Opisthocomiformes hoatzin. Charadriiformes gulls and relatives Gruiformes cranes and relatives. Phaethontiformes tropicbirds Eurypygiformes kagu and sunbittern. Gaviiformes loons or divers Sphenisciformes penguins Procellariiformes albatrosses and petrels Ciconiiformes storks Suliformes cormorants and relatives Pelecaniformes pelicans and relatives.

Cariamiformes seriemas and relatives Falconiformes falcons and relatives Psittaciformes parrots Passeriformes perching birds. Cathartiformes New World vultures and condors Accipitriformes eagles and hawks Strigiformes owls Coliiformes mousebirds Trogoniformes trogons and quetzals Leptosomatiformes cuckoo roller Bucerotiformes hornbills and hoopoes Coraciiformes kingfishers and rollers Piciformes woodpeckers and relatives.

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Males may appear plain gray-brown from a distance. Image via BIrdshare: William Jobes. Female has blue gray upperparts, with gray brown wash across back. Females may show varying degrees of a white eye-ring. Wings and tail washed with dull blue, and underparts a more subdued rufous than on male. Image via Birdshare: Bill Thompson.

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Eastern Bluebirds have gorgeous plumage, nest in open, often disturbed, human-modified habitats, and, as secondary cavity nesters, readily take to artificial nesting cavities. In the breeding season, they hunt insects from perches over sparsely covered ground or low grass, and in the winter join mixed species foraging flocks in woods and hedgerows, as well as near places suitable for nesting. Because this species often uses artificial nesting cavities and forages in the open, it is a bird that humans frequently watch and study. Over the last 40 years Eastern Bluebirds have become a model species for field study of fundamental questions in ecology, evolution, behavioral ecology, and hormones and behavior, as well as diseases and health, life history and morphology and ultrastructure of coloration.

Bluebirds will no doubt be a species of choice in the vanguard of avian species for the study of epigenetics gene regulation in response to variable ecological and social conditions. Along with scientific attention has come the North American Bluebird Society NABS , a consortium of lay observers who continue to construct bluebird trails transects with maintained bluebird boxes and to foster the conservation of bluebirds and other cavity nesters in North America. NABS observers contribute to our basic understanding of bluebird ecology, demography, and behavior.

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The Cornell Lab of Ornithology, along with a network of lay observers, is reporting on comparative geographic gradients in life history variables of Eastern Bluebirds to elucidate questions about the adaptive significance of geographic trends, an effort that is significantly increasing our understanding of reproductive patterns and the evolution of life histories, as well as engaging citizens in basic science.

The differences in the plumages of female and male Eastern Bluebirds have contributed to the popularity of this species as ordinary observers are able to see what individuals of different sexes do, an opportunity few backyard birds of North America offer.

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  6. The distinctive sexual differences of eastern bluebirds make them easier to relate to than monochromatic passerines. The fact that the sexes are distinguishable has made the species a model for the study of behavioral ecology and evolution: Studies of mating behavior; mating system variation; adult, juvenile, and nestling sex ratios; parent-offspring interactions; dispersal patterns; and migratory patterns.

    Notably bluebirds are on the list of bird species, first reported as rare by Darwin Darwin, C. The descent of man, and selection in relation to sex. London: John Murray. Close Darwin , in which the sex of juveniles—not just adults—is distinguishable by differences in plumage color and pattern, the significance of which remains poorly understood but which is now receiving more detailed experimental attention along with systematic and objective characterization of individual variation in coloration.

    Bluebirds are sexually distinctive to our eyes, but even more sexually distinctive to each other because, unlike humans, they are able to see in the ultra-violet, and we know from recent studies that bluebird males reflect more strongly in the UV than do females. Though Eastern Bluebird songs and calls may appear simple, recent study revealed that, among adult males in the same area, calls and songs vary greatly even within the same individual. Bluebirds have a relatively large repertoire of soft and loud songs and calls.

    They were the first socially monogamous bird species to be discovered to have females that mate with more than one male, resulting in extra-pair paternity, which means that males often care for offspring not genetically their own -- emphasizing a conundrum for evolutionary biologists who predicted that males should defend their genetic paternity. The nest is made with woven grasses or pine needles, and lined with fine grass, hair, or feathers. Eastern bluebirds prefer an open habitat with sparse ground cover such as orchards, parks, and large lawns.

    Eastern bluebird nests are found in tree cavities and snags, and in nest boxes. Eastern bluebirds usually have more than one successful brood each year. Chicks from early nests usually leave their parents in summer, while the young from later nests frequently stay with their parents all winter. Populations of eastern bluebirds declined in the s and s, but have since increased the popularity of nest box campaigns are probably responsible for increases.

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    Blue Bird New Bird Blue Bird New Bird
    Blue Bird New Bird Blue Bird New Bird
    Blue Bird New Bird Blue Bird New Bird
    Blue Bird New Bird Blue Bird New Bird
    Blue Bird New Bird Blue Bird New Bird

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