California Sketches, Second Series

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Father Cox. The Ethics Of Grizzly Hunting. A Mendocino Murder. My First California Camp Meeting. The Tragedy At Algerine. The Blue Lakes. Old Tuolunme. A Youthful Desperado. North Beach, San Francisco. My Mining Speculation. The Diggers. Father Fisher. Th California Madhouse.

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The Reblooming. San Quentin. Tod Robinson. Jack White. Camilla Cain. The Rabbi. Ah Lee. Coela Vista. The Emperor Norton.

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Buffalo Jones. Suicide In California. Mike Reese. Uncle Nolan. Old Man Lowry. The California Politician. Reviews for SCTV were strong from the beginning.

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Of its very first episode, Margaret Daly of the Toronto Star wrote, "Global TV may have just pulled off the comedy coup of this season During its network run on NBC, the show garnered 15 Emmy nominations often with multiple episodes competing against each other. During Joe Flaherty's acceptance speech, award presenter Milton Berle repeatedly interrupted with sarcastic retorts of, "Oh, that's funny".

Flaherty then turned to Berle and said, "Sorry, Uncle Miltie A flustered Berle simply replied, "What? SCTV parody shows include a parody of the western drama The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams — retitled Grizzly Abrams— which depicts the burly wilderness hero as the owner of a wild tortoise that takes weeks to lead police to the skeletal remains of its master, trapped beneath a fallen log.

Buckley played by Flaherty vs. Presenters include stars ranging from Elizabeth Taylor played by O'Hara to Jack Klugman Flaherty reading off the nominees in each category, with SCTV chief Guy Caballero secretly having conspired to guarantee that every award goes to his own network's stars.

Some of SCTV 's most memorable sketches involve parodies of low-budget late-night ads, like "Al Peck's Used Fruit" enticing viewers to visit by offering free tickets to Circus Lupus , the Circus of the Wolves; mocked-up photos depict wolves forming a pyramid and jumping through flaming hoops. Impersonations are also an integral part of the comedy, with almost every cast member playing multiple roles as well-known personalities. Some impressions include:. Ironically, the most popular sketch was intended as throwaway filler.

The 2-minute length reflects the fact that American shows were 2 minutes shorter than Canadian ones to allow more commercials , leaving 2 minutes needing content for the Canadian market.

The Bob and Doug McKenzie segments first appeared in at the start of Season 3 and continued in every episode until Thomas and Moranis left the series. The characters ultimately became icons of the very Canadian culture they parodied, spinning off albums, a feature film Strange Brew , commercials, and numerous TV and film cameos. Bob and Doug helped popularize the stereotypical Canadian trait of adding "eh" to the end of sentences, a facet of Canadian life often gently ridiculed in American shows featuring Canadian characters.

Lines from the sketch, such as "Take off, you hoser! Moranis and Thomas recreated Bob and Doug in the form of a pair of moose in the animated feature Brother Bear from Disney. That chorus aired in a episode of The Simpsons that depicts the Simpson family visiting Toronto. It is the highest charting single of Lee's career. At first, the SCTV cast, writers, and producers resisted special guests, on the theory that famous people wouldn't just "drop into" the Melonville studios, but they soon discovered that by working these guests into different shows-within-shows they could keep the premise going while also giving guest stars something more to do than show up and sing a song.

As a result, Dr. This, along with SCTV' s cult status, led to the show's celebrity fans clamouring to appear. Carol Burnett did an ad for the show in which an alarm clock goes off next to her bed, she rises up suddenly and advises those who couldn't stay up late enough the NBC version aired from to 2 a.

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  4. Burnett later briefly appeared in a climactic courtroom episode of "The Days of the Week". In the same episode, he played two other roles: Johnny LaRue's biggest fan, who is subsequently hired to be LaRue's bodyguard and who pushes his homemade LaRue T-shirts whenever possible , and Joe DiMaggio in a commercial for DiMaggio's restaurant, where he offered a free meal to anyone who could strike him out.

    The strikeout challenges then took place in the middle of the dining room, with many patrons injured by speeding baseballs. Robin Williams guest-starred in a sketch called Bowery Boys in the Band in which his Leo Gorcey -like character tries to hide a gay lifestyle from his Huntz Hall -inspired pal played by Short. Williams also mimicked actor John Houseman eloquently reading the Melonville telephone book.

    In a rare acting role, singer Crystal Gayle guest-starred in a January episode in the sketch " A Star is Born ", a spoof of the film version of the movie, playing an up-and-coming singer trying to make it big under the tutelage of her boyfriend and mentor Kris Kristofferson played by Flaherty. William B.

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    California Sketches - Second Series - By O. P. Fitzgerald

    Davis , still a decade away from his signature role as The X-Files ' " Smoking Man ", also has a bit role in one episode. The laugh track used in early episodes was recorded using audience reactions during live performances in the Second City theatre. SCTV had a minute format, unique for a dramatic or comedy series, although not unknown in talk shows. Such shows are hard to fit into a schedule, and the market was limited.

    The original minute shows were never rebroadcast. Instead, in , after production on the series ended, the Second City Television syndicated half-hour episodes and SCTV Network minute episodes were re-edited into half-hour shows for a revised syndicated package, which consisted of re-edited half-hours. Like the original syndicated series, the US and Canadian versions of the package differed, with the Canadian half-hours a couple of minutes longer; the running order of episodes also differed between the two countries.

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    5. By the late s, the re-edited SCTV Channel episodes were added to the regular SCTV syndicated package; three additional half-hours all from the season were restored to the package, knocking the episode count up to half-hours. The syndication package was picked up by NBC following the cancellation of its late night talk show Later in Due to difficulty obtaining music rights for DVD releases, Shout! Factory edited music in certain sketches or even left out sketches like " Stairways to Heaven.

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      Consequently, today, to release the shows on home video, it would cost millions to clear the music. The event was a fundraiser for The Alumni Fund, which helps support former Second City cast and crew members facing health or financial difficulties. The performances have not been released. To honor the 50th anniversary of The Second City, SCTV Golden Classics aired nationwide on public television stations beginning March [33] featuring some memorable skits from the comedy television series. A sequel was planned in the late s but never produced.

      In April , Netflix announced that Martin Scorsese would direct an original comedy special exploring the legacy of the show. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article has multiple issues. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. Learn how and when to remove these template messages.

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      Rolling Stone. Onion A. New York Magazine — via Google Books. The Washington Post.

      California Sketches, Second Series California Sketches, Second Series
      California Sketches, Second Series California Sketches, Second Series
      California Sketches, Second Series California Sketches, Second Series
      California Sketches, Second Series California Sketches, Second Series
      California Sketches, Second Series California Sketches, Second Series

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