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You may even feel content in your comfort zone. However, you will never know about the exciting things that lie beyond that zone. Consider trying new experiences. Learn new activities. Travel to new places and learn new people. Conquer your fears. Change can be incredibly difficult for some people, but change is a good thing.

It is normal to have fears, but moving past some of your fears may allow you to experience new things and contribute to your growth.

Live Your Dream

Keeping a positive mindset about new ventures may help you move past your fears and into new experiences. Each new experience can help you learn something about yourself that will shed light on what you desire in life. Conquering this fear can open up new opportunities to travel to new and exciting places. Be at peace with failing occasionally. Many cultures see failure as a negative thing.

Although it is not fun to experience failure, being afraid of failing should never prevent you from living your dream life. And if you do fail, learn from your failure. Quiet your mind.

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Taking time to just be still and allow yourself to relax may help you to feel inspired and capable of taking on challenges. Try taking at least 15 minutes to yourself each day to just be still, such as by meditating , practicing yoga , or deep breathing. For example, you could get up 15 minutes before the rest of your household and sit quietly in your living room doing deep breathing.

Or, you could find 15 minutes of time to yourself in the afternoon or evening for a meditation practice. Method 2. It is so easy to be consumed by the opinions of other people.

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If you are constantly living to please other people, you will quickly lose sight of your dream life. Check in with yourself frequently to be sure that you are living for yourself and not for anyone else. For example, if you want to become a hair stylist you must go to beauty school. Your friends or parents may think that going to beauty school is a waste of your time.

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  • However, if you worry about what they think you might not become a hair stylist. Live according to your values.

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    Everyone has a different set of values and priorities that they should consider when they are trying to live their dream life. Some people value the time with their family more than anything. Others are more focused on their career and value their time in the office.

    Be sure to keep your values in mind when you are making decisions that affect your life. Strive to meet the goals you set. The next step is to meet those goals. Make a list of actionable steps that pave the way to each milestone that you set. You could also dedicate one weekend a month to traveling to a new local place.

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    Be your own biggest fan. Find out who you truly are and learn to love yourself. Consider what really matters to you. Stop comparing yourself to other people. It may seem as though other people have a better life that you, especially in the age of social media. When you truly love yourself you will start to believe that other people love you too. Find people that enjoy the same movies, books, and music as you and enjoy them together.

    Nurture the relationships that matter to you. A huge part of your dream life is likely to be the people with whom you share that life. Make an effort to let them know how important they are to you. Spend time with them whenever possible, and show them respect and gratitude. For example, if your spouse is the most important person in your life, make time to go on dates or have romantic nights at home.

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    Method 3. Start living in the moment. If your dreams are just a set of attainable goals, they do not qualify as dreams. Ask yourself the following question to determine the difference between the two. There are thousands of athletes, and hundreds of teams that have a winning regular season, but until they win that championship game, they are goal achievers, not dream makers. Of course, we all need goals that are attainable, measurable, and achievable. They build strength, confidence, character and positive experience.

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    But, extraordinary possibilities require lofty thinking and imagination. Yes, there are wonderful instances of serendipity — stumbling across something delightful and unexpected. However, whatever your objectives have been — learning to walk, read, driving a car, or using the newest digital device — chances are that you visualized yourself achieving them. You intended to achieve those things and you were willing to put time and effort into these goals. Work within your strengths. There is a difference between your talents and your strengths. Talents are your inborn gifts and abilities — what you do well.

    Strengths are qualities like courage, hope, resilience, and integrity — how you do well. Not so much on living your dream but not getting suckered into the dream everyone else seems to think is utopia big house, flash car, designer this, that and the other. Never let life pass you by, decide how you want it to be and work towards getting it. The trick is living them day to day. Full post on some takeaways from that experience — living and working overseas — is coming very soon. And the true and simple answer is this: We choose it.

    Living your dreams is a choice. And a choice is … the decision between two options or possibilities. The drive and motivation for that came from wanting to create my ideal workplace, work with and for the people I enjoy most and, then finally, have no cap on the financial upside benefit from my work. I love my job, the people I work with and for and it rewards us well.

    We sold that house for a profit in and had many amazing memories and fantastic Halloween parties in it. Another great investment but more so, a fantastic choice. It was the one we wanted and needed without being stupid or crazy and limiting our options for other dreams. We were sensible, tried to think through our family needs but also build something that was uniquely US. By the way, we paid extra to build a huge back porch so we could host our friends, team and even customers on it and have done so. Another great additional investment!

    We try hard not to drive our paychecks as well, which has historically always been a great choice for both of us WE both drove older, paid off vehicles for many years. Although we did buy a new truck last year, it was a base model and allows us to take family trips, while my wife bless her heart has the same car she had when we met five years ago. Our clothes are very modest and comfortable. That sounded judgy. Great choice! We choose, each day, to make the most of our time, treasure and talent on earth.

    But specifically, I want to mention that the most important choice we make is the one of our time. Both of us, separately and long ago, decided we wanted to make the most of our time on earth and were unwilling to let anyone else dictate what we did with it.



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