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They belong to the partnership. They go to the other fellers in the partnership if Buck dies, but, if he signs these papers, the other partners are obligated to go along. Rollie laughed. Just go over his head. Go to the others and make them an offer. Maybe even tomorrow. We got to beat them to the punch, the dark-haired man warned.


If the mine is no good, why do you think your uncle is so reluctant to sign the damn rights away? He still thinks he might hit a big lode farther back in the old mine some day. The other two gave up long ago, but Uncle Buck still goes up there every summer and digs around.

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Damn near lost his life once, when some of the walls caved in. Old Marcus will have our heads on the block. We might have to put the screws to the old geezer in the morning, the dark-haired man predicted. As Katherine Sinclair struggled up the scraggy hillside, slipping and sliding and scraping her knees, trying desperately to reach the jutting cliff above, she wondered why she even cared about the crazy nanny-goat that had given her such a wild chase. She also wondered why she had ever agreed to come back to the place where she had felt like an outcast called a liar and a tattletale by the very ones she had loved and counted on as a youngster.

Her feisty old grandpa had fallen and broken his leg and there was nobody, just nobody, to come help him the little lady had moaned. Kate, as everyone called her, wondered how she could be of any help, but her grandmother had insisted she was needed. The goats were getting wild and straying too far from home.

The only answer was to round up the offending animals and sell them.

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There was a time when Kate had been able to almost outrun those nimble goats, but that had been when she was younger and in better shape. She hated the goat milk and absolutely loathed the goat meat. She tipped her head to one side and studied her captor with disdain. Suddenly the goat let out a loud baa, whirled around, dashed past Kate and headed down a dangerous, rock-strewn slope that extended to the left.

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From there the clever nanny leaped and pranced down a trail of flat, weathered stones. Tired and exhausted, the young woman settled down on a grassy spot near where the animal had paused.

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The air was cool and clean; refreshing to her straining lungs. It would take a while for the heavy heaving of her chest and the wild beating of her heart to calm down. The view below was magnificent!

Jungkook moans 21+ [Pt.3] WET AND DEEP

To the right was the zigzag, blue-green line of the meandering river; a river that changed its course every few years as it carved its way through the valley. The folks in the area often wished the soil was not so sandy near the river nor so alkali on the upper flats, but they had to do as best they could with what was there. No wonder her grandfather had turned to raising goats.

On the other side of the mountain was an abandoned gold mine. The vein of gold had been narrow and evasive, not even reaching a mile into the mountainside when it petered out. The partners had filed claims in many places, each time failing to find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow so to speak. They had not only filed claims, but had purchased most of the land in the area. Later they had divided most of the property between them. However, all mineral rights and ownership of the mine had remained in control of a partnership they had formed years ago.

Somehow, they just could not give up the dream. Kate thought about the old mine. Eleven years had passed since the tragic incident had happened there and three years had gone by since she had taken Shane there to see the place she called home. At one time Buck had set up living quarters in a small cove several yards into and off to one side of the dark tunnel. Jeb said it was probably because the old prospector often spent weeks at a time picking at the walls and probing deeper into the mine shaft.

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Once, long ago, Jeb, Kate, and two friends had taken a bunch of blankets, food, a jug of water, and a coal-oil lantern into the mine with plans to spend the night. Their plans ended soon after they had bedded down for the night. At first they had enjoyed eating and laughing and talking in the soft, yellow glow of the old lantern. Later, when they had settled down and stopped chattering, they had become aware of a weird sensation. The ground beneath them seemed to be moving up and down, forward and back in a gentle lifting and rolling way. In the meager light of the lantern everything suddenly seemed unreal. This happened one time when I was here with my dad. Just the ground shifting a little. Every guy wants to have sex with two very hot ladies. Besides, you wanna have sex with one more guy before we, you know?

She went over to her register, and pulled something out. She came back over to me, and showed me a ring. That's including all the men I've slept with too. All I wanted to do was, fuck one more guy, before I proposed to you," Elizabeth replied. I definitely didn't know what to say to that. Although, I just went along with it that first night, and I never regretted that. I knew I loved her, and she loved me, so what could I say? Just like that, we were engaged. The whole time, the man was right there. So, he witnessed the whole thing. He was gonna be one lucky bastard by time the night was over.

As he watched, he actually took his cock out, and began masturbating. He was gutsy, but we liked that. Feel free to tag along. You may have some fun with us," Elizabeth said. Elizabeth took my hand, and we both went back to the 'adult' section. Of course, Bill had to follow, with his cock still out. As we all got in there, Elizabeth laid down, and took me with her. We began making out passionately for a few minutes, and Bill just stood back and watched us. Eventually, I went down a little bit, and lifted up her shirt.

By then, we had sex well over times, and we had sex in that room over times.

Moaning Lizzy Moaning Lizzy
Moaning Lizzy Moaning Lizzy
Moaning Lizzy Moaning Lizzy
Moaning Lizzy Moaning Lizzy
Moaning Lizzy Moaning Lizzy
Moaning Lizzy Moaning Lizzy

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