My Life, My Times, My Poems

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Something needed to change. I began making adjustments in my life, in the way I treated others, and in the way I treated myself. Things were improving. Yet so often these little monuments of improvements would be crushed by the unforgiving waves of depression. One step forward, two steps back. I desperately wanted lasting improvement. I wanted an improved quality of life.

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I needed to address this head-on. With this new found clarity and resolve, I began on my mission of trying to find ways to better understand myself, my emotions, and my depression. The journey led me to a deeper and more committed meditation practice, to speak with a therapist for the first time in my life, and to establish the habit of performing what I call periodic mental scans of my physical and emotional well-being something I would do several times a day. The journey also led me to poetry. Throughout middle school, high school, and college, I had always enjoyed the poetry units we covered in English and Writing classes.

I loved the creative and self-expressive process associated with the medium. However, as much as I enjoyed it, I never viewed it as anything beyond a part of school that I was required to do at a given time. That all changed after a particularly hard experience. Not knowing where to go, or how to even understand the storm swirling around inside me, I opened up my laptop and started writing.

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This is what came out:. The next time I slipped into a depressive spell, I wrote this:.

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Again, writing poetry helped me breathe a little easier. I continued to write. Before I go any further, I want to acknowledge that depression is a complex and extremely individual experience. For some, it can be overcome. For others, it will be a lifelong struggle.

Short poem on beauty

It is usually not just one thing, like poetry, that helps. However, for me, writing poetry has become one of these key elements. Here are three ways writing poetry has helped me:.

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So often, I felt like there was a ball of pain in my chest welling up, ready to pop at any moment. I struggled to understand it.

Rather than understanding it, my bigger concern was to push it away or bury it so I could just get through another day. When I started spilling what was inside out through my fingers onto paper, the pressure started to subside. Feelings flowed into words and those words helped me understand. I imagined the pain I felt to be like a ball of several pieces of tightly coiled string. As I started to write, it would be like pulling on the end of one of the threads and unwinding the ball just a little. I could understand what that one piece meant and why it was causing me pain.

I would write more so I could pull on the ends of other threads and I would understand more. Before I knew it, the pain that I thought was going to explode lay in front of me, and I could see each piece for what it was. Be it encounters with politics, which she terms 'life at its barest' or the ups and downs of a household, what shines through is the portrait of a modern woman determined to face any eventuality with fortitude, and a deep sense of duty.

Interestingly, she never wanted to be in politics, but destiny willed otherwise — a destiny shaped by her liberal upbringing in a Punjabi household.

My Times, My Life

Brought up to be independent, she chose her life partner from another part of India. And that started it all. As the wife of an IAS officer and daughter-in-law of well-known freedom fighter and politician, Uma Shankar Dikshit, with his long association with the Nehru—Gandhi family, she saw governance from both ends. When she began assisting her father-in-law from , her up-close view of politics eventually became a springboard for her own entry into the arena in December , inaugurating a year-long career in politics.

The narrative foregrounds a question that the author considers crucial for democracy — how does one deal with the constant tussle between the dictates of governance and the here-and-now preoccupations of party politics? This website uses cookies to improve user experience.

My Life, My Times, My Poems My Life, My Times, My Poems
My Life, My Times, My Poems My Life, My Times, My Poems
My Life, My Times, My Poems My Life, My Times, My Poems
My Life, My Times, My Poems My Life, My Times, My Poems
My Life, My Times, My Poems My Life, My Times, My Poems

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