Parlando degli Etruschi (Italian Edition)

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Desideri, P. Durelli, F.

Synonyms and antonyms of brontoscopia in the Italian dictionary of synonyms

Giorgi, M. Martinelli e M. Osanna : Forentum, 1. Le necropoli di Lavello , Venosa. Gualtieri, M. Fine v-inizio iii secolo a. Lingua, insediamenti e strutture , Venosa, Guarini, R. Inghirami, F. Lombardi, A. Mastrocinque, A. Micali, G. Momigliano, A. Mondaini, G. Pallottino, M. Documenti e ricerche , 1, Roma. Bari, , Venosa. Petit-Radel, L.

Racioppi, G. Roma, , Napoli. Romanelli, D. Rossi, M.

Bryn Mawr Classical Review:

Il sistema storico di Luigi Lanzi , Firenze. Russo, A.

Scaglione, F. Treves, P. Zaccagnino, C. Dal collezionismo mediceo al museo pubblico lorenese , Napoli. Pallottino ; Bonucci Caporali et al. Cipriani Ciccotti Cilento [] Io fo fatto del gran conseio. Et mancha questa caxada nel tempo del ser marcho polo …" Pollo family came from Dalmatia in the past. Because of good behavior and devotion during the war against Genoa, they were accepted into the Great Council in And there had been no this family in the age of Mr. Marco Polo. Document from was mentioned by Italian writer A.

Moule, both in Documents from generally said the same thing with additional details unimportant for this discussion. These 2 documents were noted by Moule.

Vacanze Ideali (Vacation Home), Paciano (Italy) Deals

Italian writer R. Concealing it and accepting Monticolo's statement about Polo family mentioned by Sanudo, Gallo affirmed that Marco Polo was a Venetian, in spite of all these vacancies. Some writers accented term " antiguamente " in the past , connected to the explorer's family inhabiting in Venice, and were stating that his family had come from Dalmatia however, but so long ago , that until when Marco was born, they were already assimilated in Venice.

English writer A.

THE WONDERFUL VOICE OF FEDERICO CARDELLA: Entertainment = HOPERA. An exclusive interview.

Yule, same as Moule, found that Barbaro had not given any proof for his statement , but had relied on Ramusio, 9 years after Ramusio's death. Concerning Ramusio, Moule said that he also had not given proofs for his affirms about explorer's genealogy beggining with Andrea Polo di S. Additionally Moule informed about several alleged Barbaro's genealogy manuscripts, but of different hand-writing styles. Therefore neither Ramusio, neither Barbaro were convincing nor credible. Many western people left Near-East and Black Sea area then.

Here is important that there was no trace of explorer's family in Italy until the middle of 13th century, their genealogy " non e chiara ne secura " was not clear, neither safe , there were no genealogy data of this family in Italy until the middle of 13th century. British writer Moule noted that there were no reliable and complete data in Italy until the middle of 14th century. So where and when Polo's left Dalmatia? According to the existing documents and Orlandini's statements: Polo's moved from Dalmatia to Near-East Black Sea area , from where they were travelling as merchants in Adriatic too.

It can only be guessed when and which Polo firstly left the Croatian coast. As already said they were firstly mentioned concerning their stay in Constantinopolis in according to explorer's book from and testament of Marco sr. They had a house in Soldaia in that year. Connecting all of this "… antiguamente vene de dalmatia …" arised from Dalmatia in the past or came from Dalmatia in the past.

Did it mean that they came to Venice in the past and which past? Maybe the writer of the document from thought about past time from the moments when they had been found at first and only temporary in and 's, and finally continually from , as we shall see later in the text.


If this writer knew the situation, by using word " antiguamente ", he could bear in mind a time period beginning from regressively to's, when they temporarily occurred to be in Venice, and continually later. A writer couldn't point to time period backwards from , because according to known documents Polo family hadn't been noted in Italy then, they had been noted in the Black Sea and previously in Dalmatia. Polo's, like many others of their compatriots, removed from Croatia to other regions of Mediterranean, just like it was done also by others, people from Genoa, Catalony, Pisa, Venice etc.

So many of them were traveling, just like Polo's were, because of their trading busineses from Black Sea, across Aegean and Ionian Seas to Mediterranean or Adriatic Sea where the most known harbor was Venice. Their trading journeys were stopped in by the fault of Latin Empire, so immediately after that all these people removed to mentioned regions including Venice.

Riva degli Etruschi 2018

Eventually one could have become the habitant of the place where born in 2nd or some next generation. As already said Polo family continually stayed in Venice not earlier than Brothers Nikola sr. Nikola died around , Mate Their brother Marko sr. This quote from Marko sr. He probably removed after to Venice in St.

Sueri church district, while his brothers were in Soldaia or already on their way to China. Only then they became continual inhabitants of Venice. Explorer Marko jr. Their initial seat was on the Croatian Adriatic Sea coast.

Parlando degli Etruschi (Italian Edition) Parlando degli Etruschi (Italian Edition)
Parlando degli Etruschi (Italian Edition) Parlando degli Etruschi (Italian Edition)
Parlando degli Etruschi (Italian Edition) Parlando degli Etruschi (Italian Edition)
Parlando degli Etruschi (Italian Edition) Parlando degli Etruschi (Italian Edition)
Parlando degli Etruschi (Italian Edition) Parlando degli Etruschi (Italian Edition)
Parlando degli Etruschi (Italian Edition) Parlando degli Etruschi (Italian Edition)
Parlando degli Etruschi (Italian Edition) Parlando degli Etruschi (Italian Edition)
Parlando degli Etruschi (Italian Edition) Parlando degli Etruschi (Italian Edition)

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