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You just might need to play a little bit of catch-up with some of your favorite read: hottest Hollywood characters who are no doubt starring as the love interest in a chick flick playing at a theater near you! When a dreamy Hollywood actor's agent and manager talk him into participating in a dating contest to promote his new upcoming movie and improve some of the bad boy reputation that he has, he agrees and meets the winner, a pretty small town girl whose male best friend has been in love with her for some time but hasn't worked up the courage to let her know how he feels before she meets her dream man.

Show us what you've got and name this movie! A woman sets out to prove how easy it will be to get dumped by using what perceives to be stereotypical behaviors of women that men typically find to be annoying. On the other hand, her notorious womanizer "victim" is trying to prove that he is able to hang on to a date instead of dumping her right away as is his usual M.

The stakes are raised as these two try to tough it out, not knowing that they are both playing each other while falling in love. A popular sorority queen is sure that her boyfriend is going to propose to her but to her surprise, he breaks up with her due to their major differences.

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In disbelief and feeling like she needs to prove something to him and herself, she follows him to law school where she enrols and eventually ends up surprising herself by finding out that she is much more than a pretty face while also having a positive effect on those around her. A woman decides that the best way to take control of her life at the start of the new year is to begin keeping track of her thoughts by writing them down. She begins to examine every aspect of her life from food, friends, family, small and large adventures and most especially men and her love life.

What do you think the movie we are describing is? Can you tell from the image alone? Give us your best guess below! When a "lady of the night" meets an eligible bachelor and is offered an unusual yet irresistible offer by him, they begin a strange relationship which challenges both of them in different ways especially when they begin to understand that they are developing feelings for each other which was definitely not part of the original plan.

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They must decide if making major life changes is worth it in order to be able to be in a relationship together. Do you know what this movie is? We hope so! A high-powered, workaholic, bossy and generally unkind book editor finds herself in a precarious situation when she is threatened with deportation. In order to fight being deported to her native country, she decides to tell her male assistant that she is used to bossing around that they'll be getting married in name only for the purpose of allowing her to stay in the country.

But things go awry with her plans when she flies back to his hometown with him and meets his family. One young woman plans to enjoy her summer as much as she can before leaving for the Peace Corps but her parents derail her plans of fun by taking her to a resort which she considers boring. However, she's in for a big surprise when she meets a handsome dance instructor who forces her to change the way she thinks and gives her a needed attitude adjustment. Upon learning about her new "friendship" with the dance instructor, the young woman's father forbids her from seeing him again.

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A fresh-faced college grad is excited for her future and is full of dreams she hopes to accomplish. But in the meantime, she'll settle for a job working for an exclusive fashion magazine. While most girls in her position would do almost anything for a job like this, she couldn't care less about fashion. She faces many battles; her boss, her co-workers as well as her friends and family as they see her change.

Do you know what movie this is? A hard-working single mother, native to New York City, works as a maid in an upscale hotel. Thanks to being in the right place at the right time, she gets mistaken for a guest at the hotel by a handsome heir to a political dynasty. The two share a brief yet powerful connection while he believes that she is someone else but when it comes time for her actual identity to be made known to him, she fears that what they have will disappear.

A classic commitment-phobic man finds out that his female best friend is getting married and wants him to be a part of her wedding.

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He agrees and finally realizes that he has actually been in love with her for a long time. He takes the opportunity to try to break up her wedding and hopes that she feels the same way about him that he feels about her. However, he finally gets a taste of his own medicine when he believes that she is truly happy with someone else. Two women agree to a "home swap" for Christmastime.

The American woman will travel to Britain and the British woman will travel to America tp spend the holidays. Though the women are from different countries, they share more than just wanting a change of environment. They are also both are suffering from horrible break-ups with their respective boyfriends. They end up meeting great men once they are in their swapped homes but soon realize that when they travel back home, the relationships will likely end.

In this fantasy romcom, a young girl with a male best friend struggles with friendships and romances and wishes that she was older. On her birthday, she makes a wish to be an adult and wakes up as her adult self. Her male best friend is not as close to her as he used to be.

Confused and dazed by what has happened, the now adult woman tries to understand the relationships around her and learns an important lesson on love. After a string of bad relationships and nightmare first dates, a woman finally meets the man of her dreams. In fact, things only get dreamier when he gets down on one knee to pop the big question to her. The only problem?

His mother who just so happens to have it out for the main character and wants her out of her son's life - ASAP. The two women spar off and it's full-blown war! May the best woman win. When a serial womanizer is about to see his brother get married, he gets a somewhat supernatural series of visits from several of his ex-girlfriends who he jilted in the past. Through these strange visits, he gains clarity on his past actions and behaviors and understands that his treatment of women needs to change.

He also realizes that he truly loves the one that he let get away and is determined to find a way to win her back with his newfound sense of understanding. A by the book wedding planner gets a fancy and well-paying client who will help her reputation and business soar. At the same time, she is saved from a near fatal collision by a handsome doctor. She and Dr. Handsome begin to spend time together, she thinks that she has finally fallen in love and found the one for herself. But when she realizes a horrible truth and awful coincidence about him, she thinks that there is no way for them to be together after all.

When a self-confessed "wedding junkie" learns that her little sister is marrying the man of her the main character's dreams, she has to face her life up to this point and engages in some serious self-doubt and perhaps a pint or two of self-pity. A reporter learns that she has been a bridesmaid in so many weddings "always a bridesmaid, never a bride" and decides that she will make the perfect new story for him to work on.

Choose below! When a sophisticated and successful business woman and fashion designer living in New York City lands a dream man and a dream engagement with that dream man, she realizes that she must deal with the past that she ran away from including the man whom she married in high school and who refuses to grant her a divorce. While trying to convince him to divorce her, she realizes that her hometown roots run much deeper than she ever thought they did.

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Two best friends find themselves facing a milestone and while they are relatively happy, they decide that they are aimless, ambition-less and are not necessarily proud of their lives to date. In order to appear impressive, they come up with a plan in order to blow the accomplishments of their former peers out of the water with their fabrications.

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The pair go on a journey and learn self-acceptance, gain self confidence, learn to believe in themselves and strengthen their friendship. A recently widowed man moves into a new apartment only to find that it's already occupied - by a ghost! The ghost, a woman who is convinced she is not dead and can not remember much about her past, connects with the man and he tries to help her through the assistance of a psychic to help her remember and get to the bottom of her story and how she died. Despite the obvious barriers between them, the man and the ghost began to fall for each other.

A man, who has spent the last thirty-five years trapped in a fall out shelter that his family initially sought out protection from what they assumed was a nuclear war, emerges to find a very different world and a very beautiful woman who he is interested in but they struggle to make a genuine connection because he is so out of touch with the modern world.

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Queen Scruffy Krissie Queen Scruffy Krissie
Queen Scruffy Krissie Queen Scruffy Krissie
Queen Scruffy Krissie Queen Scruffy Krissie
Queen Scruffy Krissie Queen Scruffy Krissie
Queen Scruffy Krissie Queen Scruffy Krissie
Queen Scruffy Krissie Queen Scruffy Krissie
Queen Scruffy Krissie Queen Scruffy Krissie
Queen Scruffy Krissie Queen Scruffy Krissie

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