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Need to start doing daily stand-up meetings. Need to understand the notion of broken windows. Need to start doing serious code reviews. Learning mode: learning to learn 5. The baby ravine. Embrace ravines 5.

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Challenge your team into ravines. Commitment language 6. What does noncommittal sound like? A way out. What does commitment sound like?

Magician Roy Benson 1955

Commit to things under your control. Turn an impossible commitment into a possible one.

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How do you get them on board? Launch a commitment language initiative at a team meeting. What if they fail to meet their commitments? Finishing the commitment conversation 6. Can commitments drag on forever? Look for 'by,' not 'at' 6.

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Where to use this language. Growing people 7. Problem challenging.

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How did I react the first time I got challenged? When to use problem challenging 7. Day-to-day growth opportunities. Homework 7. Homework is a personal commitment, not a task. Do you have enough learning time to make this mistake? Using clearing meetings to advance self-organization 8.

The meeting. What is integrity again? The structure of the meeting. The overall point of this meeting. Influence patterns 9. What about using my authority? An imaginary example, using an influence force checklist. The Line Manager Manifesto The Line Manager Manifesto. Survival mode Projects in survival mode. Individuals in survival mode. Sharing responsibilities is caring: team leads and managers. Learning mode Projects in learning mode. Individuals in learning mode. Self-organization mode Self-organizing projects and teams.

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Feeding back by Kevlin Henney Roy's analysis. Channel conflict into learning by Dan North It's probably not a technical problem by Bill Walters Review the code by Robert C. Martin Uncle Bob Roy's analysis Document your air, food, and water by Travis Illig Document your air, food, and water Enable team members to help themselves.

Give new team members confidence in the team. Provide visibility into your team. Find a location and tend the document Document as questions arise. Pass it by exiting team members. Keep your document fairly lightweight and easy to maintain. Appraisals and agile don't play nicely by Gary Reynolds Leading through learning: the responsibilities of a team leader by Cory Foy Introduction to the Core Protocols by Yves Hanoulle The product will be as good as your team is.

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Prioritize quality over quantity. Stop doing their work by Brian Dishaw Write code, but not too much by Patrick Kua Evolving from manager to leader by Tricia Broderick The letter Perfection versus learning.

Affecting the pace of change by Tom Howlett Ten years. Proximity management by Jurgen Appelo The first approach: move your ass. The second approach: move your desk. Babel FishGil Zilberfeld A team leader needs to communicate through multiple channels. You're the lead, not the know-it-allby Johanna Rothman Being the bus factor. Coaching versus command-and-control leadership. Actions speak louder than words by Dan North About the Technology Your team looks to you for guidance. About the book Elastic Leadership is a practical, experience-driven guide to team leadership. What's inside Understanding why people do what they do Effective coaching Influencing team members and managers Advice from industry leaders.

About the reader This book is for anyone with a year or more of experience working on a team as a lead or team member. Elastic Leadership combo added to cart. The Valley is neither a novel nor a history, says the author. It is, he insists, a documentation of his family compiled from accumulated interviews, memoirs and letters. However how many social reports have you read that combine the epic sweep of Gone With The Wind with the microscopic intensity of Tolstoy?

The tight-knit, inter-marrying and occasionally inter-breeding community inhabited a cluster of villages manning more than 60 coal pits. Accommodation is usually a rented two-up, two-down cottage with a backyard privy and a tin bath in the living room.

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There is a constant smell of urine from a production line of up to eight or nine children. The rent is kept in a biscuit tin hidden by the wife in the kitchen. Against this grim backdrop, Benson reveals love stories all the more heartbreaking because we know they are real.

Stuck (Roy Benson Book 2) Stuck (Roy Benson Book 2)
Stuck (Roy Benson Book 2) Stuck (Roy Benson Book 2)
Stuck (Roy Benson Book 2) Stuck (Roy Benson Book 2)
Stuck (Roy Benson Book 2) Stuck (Roy Benson Book 2)
Stuck (Roy Benson Book 2) Stuck (Roy Benson Book 2)
Stuck (Roy Benson Book 2) Stuck (Roy Benson Book 2)
Stuck (Roy Benson Book 2) Stuck (Roy Benson Book 2)
Stuck (Roy Benson Book 2) Stuck (Roy Benson Book 2)

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