The Alphas Mate: The Wolvers #1

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Her narating allows me to drive! Was there a moment in the book that particularly moved you? Narator was a bit too perky, but I could get past it. Fun novel to listen to. Enjoyable story line. I like this reader. She is a good narrator. I love how the how old is a strong independent opinionated Mark and I love that the woman in the in the Wolfpack is very supportive and caring and is there for her the way I love the hero if you need them back and let her in pushing and fighting for her it's like a very me look I love that and it was great. I really enjoyed this book!

I expected something different but was pleasantly surprised! I look forward to reading more from this author! If you could sum up The Alpha's Mate in three words, what would they be? What did you like best about this story? Which character — as performed by Leah Frederick — was your favorite? Did you have an extreme reaction to this book?

Mated to the Enemy Alpha - Dalig Hund Wolves #1

Did it make you laugh or cry? Would you recommend this book to a friend? Why or why not? Yes recommend the audio book? No the story is good, the narrator is not.

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How could the performance have been better? Not sure is it was entirely the writing that was crap or the narrators style or a combination but this book was just hard work to get through.

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I prefer books with narrators that are really good voice actors and convey the emotions and nuances of the story and I found that lacking. In regards to the actual story it reminded me of molly harpers books only not really funny and a little bit awkward.

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Elizabeth didn't inspire me to feel anything for her neither did Marshall. The sex scenes were naff and I don't mind these being full of juicy details or skimmed over as long as they are well written. Aside from that there where a few bits I did genuinely enjoy and I would have enjoyed it more had I read the book as the narrator really doesn't have the kind of style I enjoy. Might try book 2 on my kindle one day Would you listen to The Alpha's Mate again? Yes I will and I will check out the other books in this series. There were a few - I don't think I can isolate one. Yes, spread over a single day.

I really enjoy the light hearted approach - no stress and even the aggression is not horrific. A good read if you want a calm enjoyable time. I enjoyed the story and the characters were great, but the narrator did put me off a bit. She sounded like someone on a television advertisement gushing on about the benefits of cleaner or something, too enthusiastic in general. I found it somewhat annoying, but I persevered because I liked the story. What did you like most about The Alpha's Mate? Easy listening, Great character's,funny in places. How does this one compare? No,first time. Loved it,will read the rest in the series. Well worth the read. I'm definitely going to read again. You should too if this is your thing.

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Oh, the people there are wonderful. Friendly and down to earth, they welcome her with open arms. It's like moving into Mayberry When an antiquated law is invoked, Elizabeth, being a sane and reasonable woman, wants no part of it, but if she refuses to participate, the people she's grown to care about will lose everything and she'll lose the one man she was born to love.

There just isn't a List that covers this! Genre: Paranormal Romance. Put me down! Her brown hair hangs around her face, framing her light skin and brown eyes. She flaps her arms around, laughing in excitement. To my left, I hear soft footsteps and turn my head to see Blaire come down the stairs with a smile directed at me. Her brown eyes light up, and she starts pulling her darker hair into a braid.

I hear the car door slam loudly, and the jingling of metal; the keys. The feeling of panic hits me; my heart beats faster, and my palms start to sweat. My father, if you can even call him that, is an alcoholic and an abusive man. She looks up at me with wide eyes. Zac walks into the house, so I stand still and quiet, hoping that he will walk right past me and leave me be. My eyes follow him as he passes and before I realize it, I let out a breath of relief.

Big mistake. He turns around with a glare set in stone on his face, and he launches himself at me.

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Not moving fast enough results in him grabbing me and pushing me against the wall with a snarl. Gasping for air, I fall to the floor as he delivers several more blows to my stomach and chest. My breath leaves my body for several minutes. Tears sting my eyes as I gasp, trying to get air into my body.

Pain sprouts in my torso and I hunch over, trying to relieve the aching. A blinding pain slams into my stomach and runs through my body, making me fall to my side and curl into a ball. My vision goes blurry as I feel the tears threatening to spill over my eyes. I bite my lip to keep myself from screaming due to the neverending pain. As he pulls me to my feet, he twists my arm behind my back. A crack echoes through the room, and I can no longer hold in the scream as pain flares in my arm. I shudder as he pushes me, face first, into the wall, pinning me there. I try to lift my arms to block his hits, but large hands grab them and pin them at my sides.

Zac stands over me, breathing heavily and glaring at me.

The Alphas Mate: The Wolvers #1 The Alphas Mate: The Wolvers #1
The Alphas Mate: The Wolvers #1 The Alphas Mate: The Wolvers #1
The Alphas Mate: The Wolvers #1 The Alphas Mate: The Wolvers #1
The Alphas Mate: The Wolvers #1 The Alphas Mate: The Wolvers #1
The Alphas Mate: The Wolvers #1 The Alphas Mate: The Wolvers #1
The Alphas Mate: The Wolvers #1 The Alphas Mate: The Wolvers #1
The Alphas Mate: The Wolvers #1 The Alphas Mate: The Wolvers #1
The Alphas Mate: The Wolvers #1 The Alphas Mate: The Wolvers #1

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