The Master Of The Breakthrough

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God Is The Master Of Our Breakthrough

Here is the Breakthrough Anointing, the spirit of might. In this third day, even as the spirit of antichrist invades and takes control of the gates of our cities, the Spirit of Christ will rise up in His people, bring them into great intimacy in worship and send them out in the spirit of might to penetrate the darkness. No power of hell will be able to withstand the pressure of this kingdom of everlasting advance.

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Isa As He breaks open, you will go through and your hand will defeat them by the spirit of might. This Breaker Anointing was for Cyrus, a pagan! How much more for His body! How much more will He break open the gates and treasuries of darkness and divide the spoil with the strong? Breakthrough Anointing is a catalytic dispensation of Holy Spirit to break through the gates, breaking down every obstacle and hindrance to the furtherance of the kingdom of God.

It shakes lose everything holding back the people of God from entering their destiny and inheritance. It is a time of the strong advancement of the purposes of God as His kingdom does come and His will is done here on earth as it is in heaven.

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It is time to ask and receive, time to be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might. Even from the days of John the Baptist until now it has been the last days.

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Jesus said…. How do you take it by force? You make declaration of the word of God over the territory, over the spirits, and over the issues and it carries the Breakthrough Anointing. The Lord said,.

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He removed every obstacle to the favor of God under the Breakthrough Anointing: Acts how God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit and with power, who went about doing good and healing all who were oppressed by the devil, for God was with Him. Indeed, one of the names attributed to the Lord is Master of Breakthroughs: 2 Sam.

It is time: Eccl. Isa Matt. Jesus said… Matt. The Lord said, Jer. Declare the Word of the Lord!


Getting to the different names of God, and using them makes this complex God, personal and relatable. In 1 Chronicles 8, the news that David had just been anointed king over Israel began to spread.

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When the Philistines heard this they went out to capture David, but when he learned the Philistines were after him he went down into a fortified fortress and asked the Lord if he should go attack the Philistines and if he would come out victorious. The Lord responds by telling David to go attack them and confirms He will hand the Philistines over to him.

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So, David goes out to attack Philistines and defeats them. Back in 2 Chronicles, The Philistines were pursuing David, they wanted his life. They had been after him since he defeated their leader Goliath as a young boy. Our God is Baal- Perazim.

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  • Have you inquired of the Lord about how you should handle the situation that you are facing? What instructions is the Lord giving you?

    God Is The Master Of Our Breakthrough

    David was instructed to attack the Philistines, and he did. David was obedient to the instruction of the Lord. Our obedience is a prerequisite to our breakthrough. We must be obedient if we want to see that sudden shift we are praying for.

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    In verse 13, after the first battle, the Philistines came after David again, and again David went back to the Lord to ask what he should do. This time the Lord directed David and his troops to circle the Philistines and wait until they heard the sound of marching coming from the top of trees, that sound will mean God had gone ahead of David to strike the Philistines. David waited for the sound, attacked and defeated the Philistines again. David was obedient to the specific instructions each time. The Lord gave him new and specific instructions for the same situation with the same enemy. Even though years ago David had defeated Goliath, of the Philistines with a stone and a slingshot. He was victorious the first time, yet he went to the Lord to inquire each time. He does not move the same way, every time in the same situations.

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    The Master Of The Breakthrough The Master Of The Breakthrough

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