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Once again, we have three words to look at here: salvation, perseverance, resurrection. Remember we said earlier there are two sides to the cross? And when we come to the cross of Jesus, we all come to a crossroads in our life. You have to make a choice. Will you accept what Jesus did for you at the cross and put your trust in him as Lord and Savior, or will you turn and walk away? There is forgiveness, salvation and eternal life waiting for you at the cross of Jesus. But you must embrace it. You must receive it.

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Let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us. Hebrews Receiving Jesus as your Savior is just your first step on the other side of the cross. The Christian life is not a one-hundred yard dash. You are a long distance runner, and God has marked out the race for you. How will you persevere to the end? How will you endure on the other side of the cross? There is only one way. Fix your eyes on Jesus who endured the cross for you. Consider him who endured such opposition from sinful men, so that you will not grow weary and lose heart.

For the Lord himself will come down from heaven, with a loud command, with the voice of the archangel and with the trumpet call of God, and the dead in Christ will rise first. And so we will be with the Lord forever. For the Christian we need not fear death, because death is no longer the end, but just the beginning. Which side are you on this morning? The Bible says there is a great chasm between you and God because of your sin. You can never bridge this chasm on your own, no matter how hard you try. We cannot save ourselves, and if God never sent a Savior, none of us would ever go to heaven.

The wages of sin is death, eternal death apart from God. We only have to trust in him to pass from one side to the other. There are two sides of the cross. On one side the wages of sin is death. On the other side the gift of God is eternal life.

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Praise God he has made a way for you through the cross of Jesus Christ. That is the good news of Easter. That is the glory of the cross.

The Other Side of the Cross

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The Other Side of the Cross

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The Other Side of the Cross. A cross resting on a base with three steps, also called a graded or a Calvary cross. Also known as the Crusader's Cross. A large cross with a smaller cross in each of its angles.

It was used as a symbol of the kingdom of Jerusalem. A cross featuring a ring or nimbus. This type has several variants, including the cruciform halo and the Celtic cross.

Cruciform halo. A halo with a cross within, used to represent the persons of the Holy Trinity, especially Jesus, and it was used especially in medieval art. A cross with the crossbeam placed near the foot, that is associated with Saint Peter because of the tradition that he was crucified head down.

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A T-shaped cross. Also called the Saint Anthony 's cross, the Saint Francis ' cross and crux commissa. Saltire or crux decussata Saint Andrew's cross. An X-shaped cross associated with St.

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Andrew, patron of Scotland , and so a national symbol of that country. The shape is that of the cross on which Saint Andrew is said to have been martyred. Also known as St. Andrew's Cross or Andrew Cross. Bride's cross, also known as Brigid 's cross or Brighid's cross, these are usually woven of rushes, wheat stalks or similar.

They can be Christian or Pagan symbols, depending on context. Saint George's Cross. Sometimes associated with Saint George, the military saint, often depicted as a crusader from the Late Middle Ages, the cross has appeared on many flags, emblems, standards, and coats of arms. Its first documented use was as the ensign of the Republic of Genoa , whereafter it was used successively by the crusaders.

A notable uses are on the Flag of England and the Georgian flag.

Mariner's cross St. Clement's cross. The mariner's cross is also referred to as Saint Clement 's Cross in reference to the way he was martyred. Cuthbert was originally a Celtic Christian. That connection, plus the similarity in shape, gives this cross the alternative name; Thor 's Cross [ citation needed ].

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Cross of Saint Gilbert Portate cross. A cross is usually shown erect, as it would be when used for crucifixion. The Portate Cross differs in that it is borne diagonally, as it would be when the victim bears the cross-bar over his shoulder as he drags it along the ground to the crucifixion site.

A red Cross of Saint James with flourished arms, surmounted with an escallop, was the emblem of the twelfth-century Spanish military Order of Santiago, named after Saint James the Greater. A Cross Crosslet tilted at 45 degrees with the tops pointing to the 'four corners of the world'.

The Other Cross The Other Cross
The Other Cross The Other Cross
The Other Cross The Other Cross
The Other Cross The Other Cross
The Other Cross The Other Cross
The Other Cross The Other Cross
The Other Cross The Other Cross
The Other Cross The Other Cross

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