You are a Racist!!!!: and other works

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Prototyping The Agency of The Future

But what do we mean exactly when we say someone is racist?

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An even better question—what are the neural and psychological characteristics of a racist mind? By analyzing the pathways in the brain that underlie racist thought and behavior, we can better understand how this nasty bias is created, and potentially, how to mitigate it. The Neuroscience of Racial Bias.

How to Stop the Racist in You

First of all, how do we know that racial biases actually exist? While some may claim that they have no biases, a clever psychological experiment provides objective evidence supporting the notion that the vast majority of us do. What results have consistently shown is that if a black face is quickly flashed before the words, individuals will be faster to correctly categorize negative words, while the same people will be quicker to correctly categorize positive words when they follow white faces.

These troubling findings suggest that over 75 percent of Whites and Asians have an implicit racial bias, which affects how they process information and perceive the social world around them. However, this bias is subconscious and implicit. In essence, nationalism and prejudice are knee-jerk responses to anxiety. In people with healthy functioning brains, the fast amygdala response activates a region of the brain known as the prefrontal cortex, which is slower and plays a regulatory role.

Tackling race hate incidents in the workplace

When the fear system is triggered, prefrontral areas work to assess the situation rationally, and calm the pesky automatic system. Thanks to specific regions like the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex, and the anterior cingulate cortex, the brain exercises cognitive control, suppressing inappropriate or prejudice judgments and behavior.

The problem is, not everyone has a healthy functioning prefrontal cortex, and these people are the ones whose biases control them. They cannot reason those fearful surges away because they lack the cognitive mechanisms that normally allow people to do so. While correlation does not always imply causation, a statistical connection between the two would suggest that religious extremism and intolerance for dissimilar others share brain dysfunction commonalities.

Generally speaking, those who have trouble self-regulating their emotions and controlling their fears are the ones who are more likely to espouse nationalist and racist views.

How to tell someone you love they’re being racist - Amnesty International

So, the question we should all be asking is, now that we understand the science underlying racism, what can we do about it? Through exposure to new stimuli, new synaptic connections can be formed, creating neural pathways that can promote a restructuring of old and rigid belief systems. Additionally, cognitive exercises like focused breathing and meditation can train the prefrontal cortex to attenuate a hyperactive amygdala and control those bad instincts.

But even these efforts might not do much to change the worldview of a staunch racist. That could require more extreme therapeutic measures, such as pharmacological treatments to reset the brain. Unfortunately, this would require that the racist be open-minded enough to give such an experimental treatment a try. Which is unlikely. But not impossible. And we should remember that fact, which is worth reiterating. It is not impossible. Crime statistics, IQ tests, decades of personal experiences and centuries-old evidence of historical achievements or lack of same.

Traveling through a ghetto area, there is nothing a liberal can say or think about race which would prove as useful as doing so in an armored car or tank.

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I agree with the post above regarding bringing neuro science at this stage. It is extremely premature and my notion is that it is actually not an effective approach. What should she have said?

Why did her white friend stay silent? Middleton said. As a black woman, I know what she means. Maybe you do, too. At the local coffee shop. Each situation presents an opportunity to speak out against racism, but not all of us do. Why not? Recently, we asked readers to share their reactions in those moments. We wondered: Did you say something? Were you stunned into silence? Dozens of people from a variety of ethnic backgrounds responded , describing fraught encounters with strangers, friends, co-workers and relatives. Steve Douglas, a white lawyer who lives in St.

Petersburg, Fla. Douglas said he told him. Both interventions had some impact. Douglas said his neighbor stopped using racial slurs in his presence.

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  8. While most people associate white supremacy with extremist groups like the Ku Klux Klan and the neo-Nazis, white supremacy is ever present in our institutional and cultural assumptions that assign value, morality, goodness, and humanity to the white group while casting people and communities of color as worthless worth less , immoral, bad, and inhuman and "undeserving. For more, go to the white supremacy culture page. RACE Race is a social and political concept, not a scientific one. Even though this is true, race is a powerful political, social, and economic force. In order to justify the idea of a white race, every institution in this country was and is used to prove that race exists and to promote the idea that the white race is at the top of the racial hierarchy and all other races are below, with the Black race on the bottom.

    All institutions were and are used to promote the idea of white supremacy. Becoming white involves giving up parts of your original culture in order to get the advantages and privileges of belonging to the white group. This process continues today.

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    Racism involves one group having the power to carry out systematic discrimination through the institutional policies and practices of the society and by shaping the cultural beliefs and values that support those racist policies and practices. The ways in which the dominant culture is founded upon and then defines and shapes norms, values, beliefs and standards to advantage white people and oppress people of color.

    The ways in which the dominant culture defines reality to advantage white people and oppress People of Color. The norms, values, or standards assumed by the dominant society that perpetuate racism.

    The Rules of Racism (ft. Ryan Higa)

    Examples: thin, blond, white women as the basis for our society's standard of beauty; women on welfare assumed to be Black or Brown and portrayed as irresponsible while white collar fraud in the business community is costing the US hundreds of billions of dollars a year; requiring people to speak English historically Indigenous peoples and today people from Central and South America as a way of deliberately destroying community and culture.

    The ways in which the structures, systems, policies, and procedures of institutions in the U.

    You are a Racist!!!!: and other works You are a Racist!!!!: and other works
    You are a Racist!!!!: and other works You are a Racist!!!!: and other works
    You are a Racist!!!!: and other works You are a Racist!!!!: and other works
    You are a Racist!!!!: and other works You are a Racist!!!!: and other works
    You are a Racist!!!!: and other works You are a Racist!!!!: and other works
    You are a Racist!!!!: and other works You are a Racist!!!!: and other works
    You are a Racist!!!!: and other works You are a Racist!!!!: and other works
    You are a Racist!!!!: and other works You are a Racist!!!!: and other works

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